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Kolab Orange Hill Special Cartridge

Product Name: Kolab Orange Hill Special Cartridge

Producer:  Kolab Project Inc. (Dosecann)

Labelled as:  850 mg/g of THC and 0 CBD

Species/details:  Hybrid

Format: 0.5 grams of cannabis distillate, disposable vape cartridge

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight: I would rate this category a 3.5. The product is labeled as having 0.5 grams of distillate which seemed to last longer than some other vapes. The black, cardboard box was small and had the required labels and stamps. The vape cartridge was easy to install and use.

Look: Ill give this a 4. The cannabis distillate used in this vape cartridge is an amber-orange colour and is clear with no unwanted particles. It has a thick consistency, as expected and the cartridge was full with no leaks or cracks.

Smell: I am rating this a 5! To my surprise, there was a strong, orange and citrus smell which was immediately noticeable when the package was opened. This is a nice detail and very usual for a vape cartridge. The flavour profile is taken from the Orange Hill Special strain, by the same producer and says limonene is the dominant terpene.

Taste: Ill rate this another 5! This product tasted fresh and very citrusy, it didnt disappoint. There was nothing harsh about the flavour when inhaled and the aftertaste was enjoyable and aromatic.  Fantastic.

Effects: I am rating this category a 4. For me, the effects were mild which is typical with hybrid strains as the effects tend to be more balanced. I would prefer this product during the late afternoon and could still focus on daily tasks (individual results will vary).

Comments: This vape product from Kolab was great overall, particularly the flavour! The high-quality formulation in this distillate is expertly prepared by leading Canadian producer, Dosecann. I had no issues with the pen itself and noticed it did not clog like many of the other vapes have. The cartridge works best with Kolab’s 510 thread rechargeable battery.  I was very impressed and feel the value of this product is worth the cost and would purchase it again.

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References: OCSGoodrootscannabis.ca, GreenState.

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