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Strain Name:  PROHIBITION BLEND (pre-roll)


Producer:  Trailblazer

Cost:  Please visit the store, see website for Spiritleaf locations.

Labeled as:  THC 2.65 mg (0.5 grams) and CBD 0 mg

Species: Hybrid

IMG 5261 2

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Will rate this a 2.5.  It is hard to be certain about the weight because of the additional paper and filter.  What is not desirable is the amount of cardboard and plastic used to distribute this product, as per government regulations.  Remember to recycle!

Look:  Rated a 4.  This small sized pre-roll is perfectly shaped and does come with a large filter, I’m assuming it was done by machine.  I can vaguely see the dried Cannabis through the paper and it appears to be a light green with some dark pistils.

Smell:  Rating the aroma a 1.5.  The scent of this product is strong and earthy with a hint of rotten dirt.  The paper may have an odour also which adds to the strong smell.  I can’t distinguish any specific terpene profile with this product, since this is milled prior.

Taste:  Rating this a 3.  The flavour my more enjoyable to me than the aroma.  This product has a strong taste when it is initially inhaled with a more complex after taste.  The flavour of the thick paper was overpowering, making it hard to distinguish any terpenes present.

Effects:  Rated 3.5.  I did have some noticeable effects from this product, even in this small format.  The feeling was moderately euphoric and lasted for half an hour.  There where no obvious effects such as increased appetite or pain management (individual results will vary).

Comments:  These pre-rolls are convenient for those on the go but are only good for individual use because of its small size.  Unfortunately, all the pre-rolls I purchased ran badly when smoked, which is not desirable for any product.  It is hard to know if it is because of the paper or the moderate quality of the Cannabis.  Although I did feel some effects from this product I wouldn’t purchase this again because of the flavour and quality.

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