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Recycle Your Containers

Plastic waste is a big concern for the environment and is creating a worldwide emergency. Many plastics do not biodegrade and litter our streets, oceans and waterways, and is a considerable risk to wildlife. Most plastics are not recyclable, despite the recycling arrows stamped on it. Waste is separated at the depot and all non-recyclable plastics are then sent to the landfill. In Canada, less than 11% of all plastics are currently being recycled.

One of the more common concerns from guests is about the environmental impact from the government required packaging in which Cannabis products are currently being sold. The feedback from consumers, in general, is that the packaging is excessive and that there is a real need for an ‘environmentally friendly’ solution. Waste produced by the Cannabis industry is a real concern and to address this Spiritleaf is currently participating in Tweed’s TerraCycle program.

This is the first, and currently the only, national recycling program available in the Canadian Cannabis industry. TerraCycle is a waste collection specialist with a focus on processing hard-to-recycle materials, which makes them ideal for this task.

This program recycles any-and-all Cannabis packaging purchased from any-and-all licensed retailers. However, it is only available in certain locations depending on the regulations in each province. The containers are collected, cleaned and melted into plastic pellets that can be transformed into new products.

The excessive packaging may be another reason some are deterred from purchasing from the legal market, making it less desirable for consumers to experiment and purchase small quantities. In the future, it would be great to see the packaging made from hemp products, which is a much more sustainable resource. It would also be beneficial if the government took consumers concerns more seriously by changing the requirements.

Help us to keep the packaging out of landfills! It is easy. Dispose of your empty containers in one of the tasteful recycling boxes, supplied by Tweed, which can be found at select Spiritleaf locations. For more information please check out this link, https://www.tweed.com/en/our-story/recycling.

Find a retailer near you by checking the locations page on the website, www.spiritleaf.ca.

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