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Spiritleaf Origins | GG4

At Spiritleaf, we take pride in informing consumers about all the exciting cannabis products on the market, but some strains need no introduction. This series is dedicated to the old-school strains, the ultimate classics and the genius genetics of our favourite bud. Over the last few decades, certain cannabis strains have risen head and shoulders above the rest, obtaining legendary status, dedicated fans and infamous reputations along the way.

We tip our hats to the old-time favorites by featuring these important cultivars in a series called Spiritleaf Origins: The Legend Behind the Leaf.

Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals

Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals

Just like the Slinky, potato chips and many of the bushes in Bob Ross’ paintings, GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4) is a happy little accident that won a special place in the nation’s hearts. GG4 is an award-winning strain thats as close to being universally loved as you can get. Since its emergence in 2013, GG4 became a celebrity in the cannabis scene thanks to its perceived effects and well documented sticky-ickiness. It’s incredible reputation is backed up by cannabis judges around the world, having won countless first-place prizes across the globe in the last decade, including ‘Best Hybrid’ at the High Times World Cannabis Cup in 2014.

The name ‘Gorilla Glue’ was inspired by the incredibly sticky resin that coats the buds (so sticky in fact, that it often glues scissor blades together during the trimming process) much like the adhesive, Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue Co demanded that GG strains give up the name ‘Gorilla Glue’ and remove all words and images depicting a gorilla from their branding and packaging, as it was too similar to the epoxy brand’s trademark. After the settlement in 2018, GG Strains rebranded Gorilla Glue 4 to ‘GG4’ or ‘Original Glue’. Similarly, Gorilla Glue 1 became ‘GG1’ or ‘Sister Glue’ and Gorilla Glue 5 became ‘GG5’ or ‘New Glue’.

The creation of the strain happened to be a complete accident and almost ended up in the trash! When GG Strains’ founder, Joesy Whaler, realised that some of his beloved plants had turned hermaphroditic and cross-pollinated, he tossed them all away. Luckily, his buddy Mardogg kept some of the ‘Frankenstein’ seeds and decided to grow them for the hell of it the following year. Out of all the phenotypes, number 4 was dubbed the best and was a best-seller right from the start. GG4’s mind-blowing genetic ancestry includes Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. GG strains have recently added new strains to their menu, including I Do Glue, Gluechee and Purple Glue.

GG4 is visually recognizable by its dark green buds, sunset-orange hairs and white crystals. It also possesses a distinctive aroma of diesel, pine and earthiness with hints of chocolate and syrup.  The terpene content in GG4 is higher than average, making this a very flavourful strain, great for dry herb vapes or a heavy-bodied smoke!

This strain lives up to its name, dominating the recreational market. Renowned for its potent THC levels and the slight sativa elements present in this hybrid. A cultivar which is best suited for use at the end of the day, novice users should consume GG4 with caution!

One of the most highly demanded strains on the market today, GG4 is a young legend, but a legend nonetheless. Though it might be the most recent ‘old-school’ strain in our Origins series, GG4 has proven that it’s a heavy-hitter and has a lot to offer the cannabis community around the world. Interested in trying a legend like GG4? Hit up a Spiritleaf store to find out what Canadian producers are growing this phenomenal strain, click here to find a location near you.  *Must be of legal age. Artist credit: Cabin 7 Originals.

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About this author:  Jasmine Holmes is a professional writer, editor and content creator from the UK with a penchant for storytelling and a passion for Cannabis. She has written for many publications like Where Rockies, Essential Magazine, The Dining Guide, InStudio, Via Runway and more, as well as various newspapers, art centres and corporations. After living in Australia for a few years, Jasmine moved to the Rocky Mountains to focus on travel and tourism writing. However, following the legalization of cannabis, she decided to put her in-depth knowledge to good use and now specializes in educating readers about the fascinating world of weed. 


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