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Spiritleaf Origins | Pink Kush

At Spiritleaf, we take pride in informing consumers about all the exciting cannabis products on the market, but some strains need no introduction. This series is dedicated to the old-school strains, the ultimate classics and the genius genetics of our favourite bud. Over the last few decades, certain cannabis strains have risen head and shoulders above the rest, obtaining legendary status, dedicated fans and infamous reputations along the way.

We tip our hats to the old-time favourites by featuring these important cultivars in a series called Spiritleaf Origins: The Legend Behind the Leaf.

Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals
Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals

Every strain has a story, but only a few gain legendary status among the jokers, smokers and midnight tokers of the cannabis world. Pink Kush is an absolute classic and is known mostly for its effects. While Pink Kush’s legacy is recognised across the globe, it has been a particular favourite of Canadians for decades. Cool, eh?

‘Pink Kush’ may sound light and fluffy, but is considered a heavy-hitting indica. This legendary strain has a mysterious past, surrounded by different theories and origin stories that simply add to the enigma. It is believed that Pink Kush is closely related to, or a direct descendent of OG Kush. Its lineage can be loosely traced to the famous Hindu Kush, an ancient landrace strain from the Himalayas.

Older Kush strains emerged in the late-seventies in North America and skyrocketed to extreme popularity throughout the West Coast. The profound resin production, pure ‘indica’ genetics and resilience during growth made Hindu Kush a favourite with cannabis breeders, who crossbred it with hundreds of other strains. Because of this, many consider Hindu Kush to be the grandmother of many modern indica strains today. OG, Hindu and other members of the Kush family made their way to British Columbia in the early nineties and are still popular strains today.

Pink Kush made its Canadian debut in the early 2000’s and word of its strong effects spread like wildfire. Due to the huge consumer demand, Canadian growers charged a premium rate and the strain quickly made its way into grow houses across BC, from the Kootenays to Vancouver Island.  Building a reputation for itself and instantaneously became the most sought-after strain in the kush family.  Pink Kush could be found in evening smoking circles nation-wide and was considered to be head-and-shoulders above all other indicas. Since then, it has won many awards in the Canadian Cannabis Cup including Best Hybrid in 2017 and Best Indica in 2019.

Pink Kush packs a punch, thanks to its terpene profile and consistently high THC content.  This indica-dominant hybrid really does give you the best of both worlds!  With a potent level of THC, this strain is ideally suited for an evening toke or chill-out session.  The strain is named after the recognizably beautiful pink hairs on the bud and is usually accompanied by a pleasant sweet, fresh aroma with hints of vanilla.

A longstanding favourite in the cannabis community, Pink Kush can be found from coast to coast across Canada and the Pacific Northwest. After decades of consumer demand, this famous strain is still the second most searched for strain in Canada today and shows that your street cred still matters, regardless of what the label says on the tin. Despite its mysterious origins, Pink Kush is a well-known classic that has been wowing consumers for decades.


Read more about these legendary strains from this series including White Widow, Northern Lights and GG4.  Learn more about the recreational cannabis retail experience by visiting a Spiritleaf location nearest you. *Must be of legal age.  Artist credit: Cabin 7 Originals.

About this author:  Jasmine Holmes is a professional writer, editor and content creator from the UK with a penchant for storytelling and a passion for Cannabis. She has written for many publications like Where Rockies, Essential Magazine, The Dining Guide, InStudio, Via Runway and more, as well as various newspapers, art centres and corporations. After living in Australia for a few years, Jasmine moved to the Rocky Mountains to focus on travel and tourism writing. However, following the legalization of cannabis, she decided to put her in-depth knowledge to good use and now specializes in educating readers about the fascinating world of weed.


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