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Spiritleaf Origins | White Widow

At Spiritleaf, we take pride in informing consumers about all the exciting cannabis products on the market, but some strains need no introduction. This series is dedicated to the old-school strains, the ultimate classics and the genius genetics of our favourite bud. Over the last few decades, certain cannabis strains have risen head and shoulders above the rest, obtaining legendary status, dedicated fans and infamous reputations along the way.

We tip our hats to the old-time favorites by featuring these important cultivars in a series called Spiritleaf Origins: The Legend Behind the Leaf.

Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals

Spiritleaf | Cabin 7 Originals

As far as legends go, there aren’t many smokers who haven’t heard of White Widow. Once described as being “among the most popular strains in the world” by Popular Science magazine, this renowned strain rose to fame in the mid 1990’s and became an award-winning sensation known throughout Europe for its high potency and perfectly balanced effects. 

Named White Widowafter its pale leaves and white, trichome-laden buds during harvest, this notorious hybrid was developed by a breeder named Scott Blakey (otherwise known as Shantibaba) in 1994 at Green House Seeds in Amsterdam. White Widow won the High Times Cup when it was first released in 1995 and grew in popularity throughout Europe, soon becoming a household name in the cannabis community worldwide. It was extremely popular in coffee shops in the Netherlands and was the strain of choice to smoke while drinking coffee and catching up with friends. When Blakey left Green House Seeds in 1998, he took the parent plants of White Widow with him and recreated the strain, calling it ‘Black Widow’ to differentiate from the original, though this version is much harder to find.

White Widow is a crossbreed of a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica and was specifically bred for high resin production, with the intention of amplifying the positive traits of both the sativa and indica genetics. According to legend, the indica originated from years of careful selection and breeding resin-heavy plants, deep in the Kerala mountain ranges. Frequently used for cross-breeding due to its popularity and favorable genetics, White Widow has also given rise to a number of other legendary strains you may have heard of like White Rhino, White Russian, Blue Widow and more. 

White Widow is considered a balanced hybrid with a consistently high THC composition.  Truly the ‘best of both worlds’, this strain is perfect for daytime activities, such as focusing on tasks and socialising with your buddies.  With a refreshing scent of fruit, pepper and pine, White Widow smokes sweet but hits hard. Smoked frequently in recreational crowds worldwide.

Since the mid-nineties, White Widow has consistently graced Dutch coffee shops with its presence and is still considered a staple strain in the scene today. This classic hybrid climbed to world fame long before prohibition was lifted here in Canada and has been a crowd favourite for decades. Luckily for us, it can now also be found in dispensaries around the globe, from the Netherlands to Canada. Want to taste the legend of White Widow? You can find versions of the strain from a multitude of Canadian licensed producers like Hexo, Tilray, Peace Naturals, Cannafarms, Canntrust and more.


Read more about these legendary strains from this series including Northern Lights, GG4 and Pink Kush!  Visit a local Spiritleaf and chat to one of our knowledgeable staff today, click here to find a location near you.*Must be of legal age.  Artist credit: Cabin 7 Originals.

About the author:  Jasmine Holmes is a professional writer, editor and content creator from the UK with a penchant for storytelling and a passion for Cannabis. She has written for many publications like Where Rockies, Essential Magazine, The Dining Guide, InStudio, Via Runway and more, as well as various newspapers, art centres and corporations. After living in Australia for a few years, Jasmine moved to the Rocky Mountains to focus on travel and tourism writing. However, following the legalization of cannabis, she decided to put her in-depth knowledge to good use and now specializes in educating readers about the fascinating world of weed.

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