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Strains for the Seasons!

The holiday season is upon us! Here in Canada, Cannabis is legal for adult consumption and is available at retailers across the country. Allowing consumers the opportunity to elevate their holiday experience, if desired.

If you’re a consumer looking for legal product to help motivate you to clean house before the relatives visit, or maybe you need something in a hurry on the way to your next party or are looking to relax during your time off, Spiritleaf has you covered. Read these brief reviews below of some of the products available in stores.

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Get energized!

HAIDUK (SOUR TANGIE) from Aurora Cannabis, click here to read the full review.

  • Species: Sativa
  • High Score was a four out of five, in most categories.
  • Terpene: The main terpene present in this product is nerolidol, which can also be found in orange trees called Neroli.
  • Comment: The product received weighed perfectly, with buds that were hard and very compact.

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In a hurry?

PROHIBITION BLEND (PRE-ROLL) from Trailblazer, follow this link for more details.

  • Species: Hybrid
  • The high score was a four, in the looks category because the pre-roll is perfectly shaped and does come with a large filter.
  • Terpene: Unknown.
  • Comment: These pre-rolls are convenient for those on the go, but are only good for individual use because of its small format.

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Sit and chill!

SNOW DOME [LA CONFIDENTIAL] from Aurora Cannabis, for the full review follow this link.

  • Species: Indica
  • High score is a four, for its relaxing effects.
  • Terpene: The most dominant terpene found in this strain is Alpha-Pinene, which is also found in pine and sage.
  • Comments: This flower is a pure Indica strain, which is unique and has a distinctly fresh flavour.


Bonus strain!

JEAN GUY from 7Acres, click this link to read the full review.

  • Species: Balanced Hybrid
  • The high score was a five for both look and smell. The flower from this producer comes well-trimmed with plenty of visible trichomes.
  • Terpene: The main terpene in this strain is Myrcene, which is the most common of all terpenes.
  • Comments: This strain was noticeably smooth when inhaled and has perfect nugs making it a good quality product.

Spiritleaf is a positive force that enlightens – much like the products we offer. You can purchase these products at any Spiritleaf store, find a location near you by following this link. Please remember, start with a small dose and go slowly! Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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