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Tips for Dabbers

Just like four-twenty is the day for celebrating dried Cannabis, seven-ten is a day of celebration for those who prefer to consume concentrates.  This concept has been recently adopted by dabbers and has quickly become a mainstream reference within the Cannabis community.

Why is it July 10th?  The symbol of this ‘stoner holiday’ comes from turning the number 710 upside-down to spell the word ‘OIL’, which is one of the more common forms of Cannabis concentrates.  What are Cannabis concentrates exactly?  Concentrates refer to any product procured through an extraction process, sometimes using a solvent.

Whether you are new to dabbing or consider yourself an expert check out these helpful tips below:

  • Never use someone’s custom glass dab rig, even if it’s offered. Accidents can happen anytime!
  • Use the ‘safe’ smoking method when consuming in a group using a silicone mouthpiece, see banner picture for example.
  • Try NOT to wear a white shirt when dabbing, splatters and mishaps can happen.
  • Be careful when transporting your concentrates if they are stored in glass containers, these can easily break.
  • For better flavor, it is best to consume your concentrates at a lower temperature.
  • If you’re new to dabbing, start with a crumb size dab and increase slowly -you can always have more, but never less.
  • If you are offered a vape pen, it is good to ask what is inside. It could be concentrates, dried herb or e-juice, which are all very different.
  • Never ‘pull the banger’ as you would ‘pull the bowl’ when using a dried herb bong, never touch the glass once heated.
  • Be very careful when heating the glass banger and remember to never heat the rig.
  • Be courteous when in a group, clear the chamber and remove all residue from the banger or e-nail when done.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of dabbing you will be sure to have a successful day, no matter how you celebrate!

*Purchasing concentrates is still illegal in Canada until December 2019, this information is intended to educate consumers and not to elicit illegal activities.  Always start low and go slow.

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Reference:  Amazon,  keytocannabis.com.

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