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Top Leaf Pink Kush

Top Leaf Pink Kush Dried-flower Review.

Producer:  Sundial Growers Inc.

Brand:  Top Leaf

Labelled as:  23% of THC and 0% of CBD

Species/details: Indica hybrid

Format: 3.5 grams, dried cannabis flower

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  It’s a 5!  The cannabis weighed perfectly and was bang on.  There was also an Integra Boost humidity pack included, which I prefer over other brands.  The flower comes in a small glass container, which is different from the other producers who typically use plastic.  The glass is heavy to carry, but maybe more environmentally friendly and conserves the product better.  It had all the required labels and stamps, showing it was packaged this last April.

Look:  I’d rate this a 3, for neutral.  The buds were small with both light and dark green, with some light orange pistols and moderate trichomes.  Unfortunately, there were some sticks and leaves attached to the bud and could have been trimmed better.  Slightly dry to the touch and moderately compact.

Smell:  I’ll give this category a 4, overall good.  After first opening the container, I detected a fragrant and peppery aroma which was fairly mild.  The producer’s website lists Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene as its main terpenes, giving it an earthy smell.

Taste:  Absolute 5!  This flower was incredibly smooth when inhaled, even when consumed in a typical joint using a standard paper.  The flavour was slightly sweet and had a nice after-taste.  No harsh chemicals like ammonia or anything unpleasant was present.

Comments:  This was an enjoyable strain, was pleasant to consume and provided the expected effects.  Best used at night, as it could interfere with performing daily tasks (individual results will vary). I would have liked to have seen some purple leaf, but the buds were too small to really evaluate this fairly.  It is great this producer appreciates the cannabis enough to care for it so well, using the glass container and humidity pack.  I would happily purchase this strain for my next special occasion.

Available in: Flower, Pre-Roll

Grow Notes: Flowering takes from 10 to 11 weeks and originates from an OG Kush cultivar.

This strain is also currently being produced by Wayfarer, Pure Sunfarms, Flowr, Canna Farms, San Rafael ’71 and more.  Explore our products by visiting a Spiritleaf location near you, click this link. *Must be of legal age. This product review is for educational purposes.

Click here to read more about this important cultivar in a series called Spiritleaf Origins: The Legend Behind the Leaf.

References: Top Leaf, Leafly, Desiccare, Inc.

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Creamy, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

Our French Toast #1 flower is packaged in amber glass jars that protect your bud and are sealed for freshness with a humidity pack included. Spiritleaf Selects stands for quality and authenticity, and this strain is no exception.

THC: 20-26%

CBD: <1%