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Trainwreck Vape Cartridge Product Review

HEXO Trainwreck Vape Cartridge Product Review

Strain or Product Name: Hexo Trainwreck Cartridge

Producer:  HEXO Operations Inc.

Brand:  Same

Labeled as:  773 mg/g (77.3%) THC and 1.5 mg/g (0.15%) CBD

Species/details:  Hybrid

Format:  0.5grams of cannabis concentrate, inhaled.

HEXO june
Spiritleaf | HEXO Trainwreck Vape Cartridge

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  I will rate this category a 4.  The vape cart was packaged in a medium-sized cardboard box, which is preferred over plastic.  It has a patent-pending child-proof design, with all the required government labels and warnings.  This unit has a clear mouthpiece and a colorful label.  Packaged on Aug 2020 and was purchased in Nov 2020, which makes the product reasonably fresh.

Look:  I’m rating this a solid 5.  The concentrate is visible through the cartridge, with no plant material or unwanted particles seen.  The color is a medium to dark orange, which appears to be thick in consistency.

Smell:  I’ll rate this a 4.  The aroma was mild, as most concentrates usually are.  However, I did notice a sweet citrus scent present in the air while consuming.  According to the producer’s website, it says the dominant terpene is limonene, an essential oil found in citrus fruits.  It also includes Humulene and Caryophyllene in its main profile.

Taste:  I’m giving this category a 5.  The initial inhale is fairly smooth, or neutral with no chemical flavour detected.  Then, the aftertaste has more depth with warm spice, almost peppery.  Its taste was not harsh at all and was enjoyable.

Comments:  This product was formulated using a cannabis terpene blend and cannabinoids, using the CO2 extraction process, producing a high-quality concentrate which can provide noticeable effects with a bright flavour.  The potency of this product is very strong, it’s important to know a little goes a long way, so start slowly.   The cartridge is compatible with a 510-thread battery, contains a ceramic heating element, is breath-activated and is leak-free.  I purchased this at a competitive price point and would buy this again if available.

Grow Notes:

This concentrate is produced using a sun-grown cultivar called Trainwreck, grown in HEXO’s state-of-the-art facilities in Masson-Angers, Quebec, near Ottawa.  The PotGuide states the origins of this cultivar is a Northern California strain with its lineage likely from a cross of a Lowland Thai x Mexican Sativa, mixed with Afghani.  The flower usually has heavy trichome coverage, flowers indoors after 8 weeks and can sometimes pollinate itself (hermaphrodite).

Explore our products by visiting a Spiritleaf location near you, click this link. *Must be of legal age. This product review is for educational purposes. For information about the risks associated with cannabis use, visit the Health Canada website. As a retailer, we are unable to advertise actual prices due to government regulation.

This product review was written by Kelly Gibson, copycontractor.com.

References: Leafly, OCS.

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