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HEXO Tsunami

HEXO Tsunami, dried-flower review.

Producer:  HEXO

Brand:  Same as above.

Labeled as:  19.3% of THC and 0% of CBD

Species/details:  Indica

Format:  Dried cannabis flower, 3.5 grams

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Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight: I am going to rate this a 3, for neutral.  The cannabis was packaged in a plastic con-tainer, which most producers use and came inside a cardboard box.  It had all the required warnings, labels and stamps.  The label shows this product was packed back in Nov 2019 and weighed within regulation.

Look:  I’ll rate this a 4.  Visually, I can see a bit of everything.  There are both light and dark green hues, some orange pistils and moderate trichomes seen on the buds.  The cannabis was fairly dry but compact, as this strain usually is. The nugs ranged in size but were mostly smaller and well-trimmed.

Smell:  I’m going to rate this another 4.  The bud had a lightly sweet and fruity aroma, which was very enjoyable.  Its main terpenes are listed as myrcene (mango) and caryophyllene (pepper), two profiles that are commonly found in cannabis.

Taste:  Again, I‘m rating this a 4.  Like its aroma, this dried flower had a subtle fruity flavour when first inhaled which lingered after.  Nothing unnatural was detected and it was very smooth.

Comments:  These buds are consistent in all areas of assessment.  Considered to be a mid to high THC product, with both a pleasant flavour and aroma.  Although it doesn’t have an expiry date, this flower is on the older side and required some re-hydrating.  Overall, I would consider this product slightly above average which is reflected in the price per gram.  HEXO is an award-winning producer, providing smoke-free and traditional cannabis products to the adult-use market.

Currently coming in 3.5g and 15g formats.

Grow Notes:  This flower is produced using Northern Lights, which is a descendent of Afghani and Thai landrace strains.  It could be as much as 90% indica, according to sensiseeds.com.  With a short flowering period between 45 to 50 days, indoor cultivation could generate 500 grams per square meter and up to 1.5 kilos from a single plant outdoors. This cannabis is sun-grown and produced in a hybrid greenhouse, in the city called Gatineau in western Quebec.

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In Canada, find Northern Lights from these other licensed producers including Broken Coast, United Greeneries Ltd., Viridis Natural Health Products Ltd., Wayfarer, Weed Me Inc. and Zenabis Global Ltd.  Find out more by visiting a Spiritleaf location near you, https://spiritleaf.ca/locations/. *Must be of legal age, this product review is for educational purposes.


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