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Veryvell Exhale Drops

Veryvell Exhale Drops Product Review

Producer:  Truss Beverage Co. (Hexo Operations Inc.)

Brand:  Veryvell

Labeled as:  0.5mg/g of THC and 14.6mg/g of CBD (CBD-dominant)

Species/details: Hybrid

Format:  30 grams of water-soluble cannabis extract (distillate), drops.

VW Mar
Spiritleaf | Veryvell Exhale Drops

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  I’ll rate this a solid 4.  I like that these drops come in an amber glass bottle, packaged in cardboard with no plastic.  The bottle is user-friendly, with a built-in dosing cap.  It has all the standard government warning labels and stamps.  The drops were packaged back in April of 2020, it’s now 2021, which was some time ago but has no expiry date shown.  There were no instructions on the package, only that these are ingestible.  Although I knew the drops could be added to a beverage, I wasn’t sure if it could be taken by mouth like other nanoemulsions.

Look:  I’m rating this a 5.  The solution is completely colourless and had no visible signs of plant materials or other unwanted sediments.  It looks very well combined with a thick consistency.

Smell:  I’m giving this category a 2.  These cannabis-infused drops have a distinct smell, which is likely from a combination of the distillate and the flavoring agent.  Personally, I found it to be strong and unpleasant.

Taste:  I’ll give this a 2.  Online, it says these drops have a hint of passionflower extract.  The general flavour of this extract is described as grassy and floral.  For an average palate, the drops tasted bitter and overpower the flavour of most beverages.  I can recommend adding it to drinks which are already strong tasting, such as pomegranate or grape juice.

Comments:  Besides the bitter flavour, I give these drops high marks for their overall quality, versatility and moderately high CBD potency.  A benefit of the passionflower extract is that it’s said to promote relaxation, adding to the product’s overall effects.  One major advantage of this type of product is that consumers can add it to any of their favourite, non-alcoholic beverages.  The producer states that two drops equal approximately 1mg of CBD.  This dosing format is ideal for those who want to microdose cannabis, giving consumers more control over their desired experience.  However, if you want a strong dose, it will require several drops to achieve this.  It is priced competitively with similar products available now.

This product is available now in most provinces across Canada.  These drops also come in a THC/CBD (1:1) formula and a THC dominant formula.

Grow Notes:  The dried flower used in this product comes from a blend of strains, no specific cultivar is known.  According to the producer, the cannabis is greenhouse grown.  These water-soluble drops are made with distillate, which is produced using a CO2 extraction method. 

Click here to read our Complete Guide to Recreational CBD, in this previous article! Explore our products by visiting a Spiritleaf location near you, click this link. *Must be of legal age. This product review is for educational purposes. For information about the risks associated with cannabis use, visit the Health Canada website. As a retailer, we are unable to advertise actual prices due to government regulation.

This product review was written by Kelly Gibson, copycontractor.com.

References: CNW Group Ltd, OCS, Canopy Family, Pascoe.ca, healthline.com, Tea In Abstraction.

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