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Wayfarer GG#4 Cartridge

Wayfarer GG#4 Vape Cartridge Review.

Producer:  MediPharm Labs

Brand:  Wayfarer

Labeled as:  834 mg/g of THC and 1 mg/g of CBD

Species/details:  Indica

Format:  0.47 grams of cannabis distillate, vapour cartridge

Wayfarer GG4 Vape 510 Cartridge 0.47g 1 of 1

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  I’ll give this category a 4.5.  This vape cartridge comes in a sleek, black, child-proof box with all the required stamps.  The vape was packaged on Apr 2020, as per the label.  It is difficult to weigh the distillate, so I can’t say if it was accurate.  The cart was easy to use and had no deficiencies.

Look:  I’m going to give this a 3.5.  To my surprise, the distillate inside the cart was a light, bright neon yellow colour, something I’ve not seen before.  Visually, the concentrate was clear with no unwanted particles seen and was moderately viscous.

Smell:  I’d rate this a 4.  This extract had little to no smell out of the box, which is typical for many concentrates.  The product description says this distillate provides a peppery and citrus aroma that smelled earthy to me, once inhaled.  One of the more dominant terpenes in this extract includes beta-caryophyllene which is commonly found in spices such as pepper and cloves.  It also contains limonene, an essential oil found in citrus fruit.

Taste:  I’m rating this category a 4. The extract was very smooth when inhaled and provided a herbal aftertaste, I didn’t taste any solvents and had a clean flavor overall.  It tasted mild with little to no citrus flavour detected.

Comments:  This high THC extract is formulated with 95% distillate to 5% terpenes and has no carrier oils.  The cart includes their proprietary ceramic heating coil and custom-designed matte ceramic mouthpiece which is compatible with most vape batteries. The quality of this vape was good and provided noticeable effects.  I enjoyed the convenience of this inhaled cannabis product and was happy with the purchase.

Grow Notes:  No specific strain information was found.  However, this distillate blend was produced using the supercritical CO2 method, in GMP-certified facilities. 

Want more GG4?  This strain can also be found from these regulated producers including Top Leaf, Robinsons and 48North.  Talk with a Spiritleaf concierge for more information by visiting a location nearest you, click here for store details. *Must be of legal age. This product review is for educational purposes.


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This product review was written by Kelly Gibson, copycontractor.com

References: Lift&Co, Mass Terpenes, Leafly.

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