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Strain Name:  White Berry

Producer:  THC BioMed LTD

Cost:  $6.00/gram

Labeled as:  THC 12% and CBD 0%

Species:  75% Indica

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Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Rating this category a 3.  The product from this Licensed Producer comes in smaller plastic containers which were also shipped inside a large box which is not environmentally friendly.  The shipment weighed perfectly which is an improvement from some other producers.

Look:  Will rate this a 3.  The buds in this order varied, some were very small and some were average size.  The flowers are a medium green color with lots of dark red hairs (called pistols) covering the nugs with a tiny amount of crystal (called trichomes) seen.  The flowers are moderately compact, airy and loose.

Smell:  Rated a 4 for aroma.  This strain smells delicious, almost sweet.  The producer doesn’t share the terpene details however, it does smell like both berries and citrus.  The aroma became stronger once the flower was ground up.

Taste:  Rating the flavor a 2.  This product had an unpleasant aftertaste, almost unnatural.  This strain had a strong flavor, almost earthy, not sweet like the aroma was.

Effects:  Giving this a 4.  I felt strong effects in my body and it was also mentally sedative, likely due to the high percentage of Indica present in this strain, which is different from this same strain purchased from another producer (individual results will vary).

Comments:  Both the smell and effects of this strain were enjoyable, but the quality is moderate overall.  These buds were sticky when ground up and not overly dry like most other products on the market.  This strain is a good value for the money and I would purchase this again.

Flowering time is approximately 7 weeks.

Reference: Paradise Seeds.

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