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This is an extremely exciting time in Canada's history. Cannabis has been illegal in Canada since 1923. Now all that is about to change. This is your chance to be part of a proudly Canadian recreational cannabis brand that offers great selection, high quality and incredible customer service.

We have created a modern retail model that offers legitimacy, reputability, professionalism and a feeling of confidence. We’re passionate about cannabis, and we’re putting in the extra effort to do the cannabis retail experience the right way: enjoyed by all.


Where there's smoke, there's opportunity. Learn more
about how you can open your own Spiritleaf.

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You’re invited to take part in the opportunity of a lifetime.
Learn how you can join us in providing the best cannabis experience.

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Spiritleaf is about enjoying life with
those who make us happy, and viewing
every day as an opportunity to try
something new.

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