Spiritleaf Cannabis Store in Bloor West Village, Toronto

Anchored by our history! In Bloor West Village across from the Jane TTC station on Bloor Street, you'll find a Spiritleaf Cannabis Store in the heart of one of the cities most prominent retail thoroughfares. The shopping district is home to the world’s first business improvement association featuring over 400 businesses in close proximity to Toronto’s largest public green space, High Park. Home to a significant cross-sample of the city's ethnic communities, this iconic community has been known as one of the best in Toronto for over one hundred years. There’s so much to see and experience. Learn more about the Spiritleaf experience by visiting a Cannabis Dispensary near you.

Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted cannabis dispensary in Ontario. We believe in connecting people in a world deeply divided. We believe that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity or creed. We aim to foster a true community spirit through what we stand for, who we serve and the products we provide. The Bloor West Village location in Toronto’s west end offers a wide variety of cannabis options in a warm, welcoming environment, including THC/CBD products as well as a variety of Sativa, Indica & Hybrid cannabis strains with various delivery methods available for all cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy responsibly.